Carrying the mission of Diponegoro University as “The Excellent Research University”, the Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program is proud to organize a Summer Course program which is attended by students from various countries. In this program, Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program conducted research on Jamu (traditional Javanese medicine), which then led to joint discussions with several speakers like Assoc Prof. Mohamad Maulana Magiman (Malaysia Putra University), Prof. Sumanto Al Qurtuby (King Fahd University), Arido Laksono, M.Hum (Diponegoro University), and Nadia Putri Ardyani (Lucknow University).

The program, which runs from 2 November 2022 to 5 November 2022, also presents a documentary film about herbal medicine making in Wonolopo village, Semarang. Through this documentary, the discussion continues to discuss the symbols and myths of traditional medicine in each other respective countries, especially in the land of Java, Indonesia. Apart from raising the culinary side of Indonesia, in fact that herbal medicine is an alternative choice in health care and treatment. Some herbs also have a manufacturing process that takes a different time, especially some herbs that have to go through a ritual process before they are made.

Through the Summer Course 2022 program, the Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program has succeeded in bringing Diponegoro University’s name to the international arena and building a strong relationships with universities from abroad. The existence of this program is expected to be able to continue to generate a hard work ethic in order to realize the mission of Diponegoro University as “The Excellent Research University”.

(by Vania P. Hanjani, S.Sos., M.Si.)