STUDENTS- Social Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities Diponegoro University, 24/4 carried out KKL activities to the Sangiran Museum in Sragen, Central Java. A total of 101 student classes of 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Punto Eko Hendro learn about the cultural past of the relics in the three museums: Museum Cluster Krikilan, Ngebung Museum and Museum Dayu.

KKL (fieldwork courses) is part of Paleoanthropology courses. Since arriving visible enthusiasm of students in observing the collection and the information displayed there. Since 2014, the Museum of Ancient Man Sangiran is not the only place to store the collection. Because there are at least three clusters museum not far from the main museum has been established. With a touch of the arrangement and handling more contemporary, early humans’ museum is able to provide more comprehensive information to visitors.

“You don’t just pay attention to the physical collection, but you also have to pay attention to how the culture has actually been going on since humans existed,” said Dr. Eko Punto Hendro when opening the initial search in the Main Hall Sangiran Museum. Many records are displayed in the museum, which shows how Sangiran become the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world because of the many findings of past history there. It should not just be displayed and viewed in the museum but must also be learned for the future of human knowledge. That is a task that must be executed by students of anthropology.