One of the graduates from the Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program, Anita Febrianti Widyastuty, at the 169th graduation of Diponegoro University, received the title of the best cumlaude graduate with 3.94 GPA score. This achievement is able to make the Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program proud and is expected to be able to motivate other students to continue to make more achievements.

The graduation which was held on February 3, 2023 led Anita Febrianti Widyastuty and other Social Anthropology graduates to earn the title of Bachelor of Social Science (S.Sos.). Anita was also a representative to read out the graduates’ vows. Therefore, it is hoped that they will always be proud as a Diponegoro’s and continue to make another achievement. Congratulations to the graduates of Social Anthropology!

(by Vania P. Hanjani, S.Sos., M.Si and Dani M. Ramadhan, S,Ant., M.Ant.)