Saturday, March 18th 2023, Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program in collaboration with LSP Digital Business Surabaya has carried out a student competency certification test with the theme “Digital Media Planner for Future Anthropology”. This competency certification test was attended by 30 students from Social Anthropology Undergraduate Program. This event was opened by the Head of Study Program Dr. Suyanto, M.Si and it went well and smoothly organized. This event was also supervised by assessors Dedy Arifiyandi, S.E., M.M. and Eritza Kartika Dewi, S.T. who provide good direction and materials.

Before the testing agenda, the students had been provided online with material regarding digital media planners, so that students understood what they had to convey on this competency test day. The students were enthusiastic in participating in this activities and presenting a good quality presentations.

This competency certification test was held in the Faculty of Humanities. Thirty students have carried out the competency certification test well and are able to present their abilities. With this competency certification test, it is hoped that students will be able to have a good skill for digital media planners and have a legal BNSP certificate to prepare them to face the work in the future.

(by Vania P. Hanjani, S.Sos., M.Si.).