Avita Mayangsari, a student of the Social Anthropology, won a silver medal on The Hammer Throw championship at the Central Java Provincial Sports Week (PORPROV) in 2023. This athletics sport was held in the city of Pati, Central Java, representing the big names of Semarang City. Throughout the series of competitions, Avita competed with many athletes throughout the province. Apart from carrying the name of Semarang City, Avita succeeded in making Diponegoro University proud.

Avita’s victory certainly did not come easily, with strict training, Avita suffered a serious injury to her right arm. Avita’s shoulder blade had shifted so that she couldn’t move it before the final of the championship. However, this did not make Avita give up. She tried all the treatments until she finally recovered and managed to win a medal to make herself and her almamater proud.

Apart from this championship, Avita, who has been an athlete since 2018, also won several championships. Since becoming a student at Diponegoro University, Avita also won two bronze medals at the Central Java Athletics Provincial Championship (KEJURPROV) on the Discuss Throw and Hammer Throw categories in 2022. Then in 2023, Avita took part in another championship, namely the National Athletics Championship (KEJURNAS) in Surakarta, Central Java and managed to get a bronze medal in Hammer Throw category. It is hoped that Avita’s achievements will motivate other Diponegoro University’s students.

(By: Vania P. Hanjani, M.Si.)